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About The Women's Hearth

The Women's Hearth is an evolving sisterhood of women that initiates, guides and supports sacred women's business. We welcome new members and we dream big!

The Women's Hearth co-creators, Anne-Marie Hoyne and Penny Champ, are committed to creating a safe, beautiful, sacred space where all Women are honoured for their uniqueness and celebrated for being vessels of the Sacred Feminine.  We believe that each and every one of us has our own precious contribution to make to the world by cultivating and connecting to our own powerful version of the Feminine.  It is this deeply individual form of the Divine Feminine that we each bring to the world that The Women's Hearth is committed to nurturing - our mission is to encourage, support and inspire Women in what is an essential journey, not only for personal healing and collective empowerment, but also as a gift to our precious Earth. 

The Women's Hearth is the Mama organisation for many juicy expressions of the Sacred Feminine.

In the Red Tent we offer year long journeys such as the Women's Medicine Circle, Seasons & Cycles Circle, the Goddess Circle, the Eight Beads Journey (based on Carolyn Hillyer's work), as well as open circles where the focus is upon just 'being' together in sacred space, sharing and social joy! Some of our circles are held on or near to the Dark/New Moon, and sometimes we hold circles at the Full Moon, often outside in nature.

Throughout the year, The Women's Hearth also offers Mother & Daughter Retreat Days, and themed celebration days such as Goddess Feel your Bliss and Listening to the Crone, where women of all ages can celebrate the many different aspects of the Feminine that reside within us all.  

In July 2016, Penny and Anne-Marie went on a 13 day "Walking the Sacred Way" Pilgrimage in the South West of England with two Circle Sisters to experience a powerful Pilgrimage to the Motherland of our ancestors. One day in the future we hope to lead a group pilgrimage there.

As celebrants, Penny and Anne-Marie conduct Sacred Ceremonies to honour and celebrate a wide range of life events and transitions, including marriages, baby namings, funerals and home blessings.

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Anne-Marie Hoyne

My love of Nature has always been a strong and inspiring force in my life. Intuitively, I have always known that Nature provides everything we need to live abundant, healthy and beauty-filled lives. I'm committed to inspiring and empowering all women to reconnect with their own true, inherent nature. - Read more about Anne-Marie Hoyne.

Penny Champ

Since being a young woman I have had a passion for Spiritual Feminism and its myriad of wondrous interpretations. At the heart of how I live my life is my greatest wish that all women, no matter what age, culture or background find a way to embrace the Sacred Feminine in whatever individual form it presents itself... - Read more about Penny Champ.

The Hearth

The Hearth has since ancient times been a symbol of all that is grounded, nourishing and sacred in the home but also in a woman's psyche. Women have traditionally always been the Keepers of the Hearth. The Hearth’s very presence provided a wise teacher for how to live life for it was the foundation of home and community – it lay strong, grounded and balanced.  As well as being the focal point of most family activity it was also the heart of creative and Spiritual life. Thus the sacred and the practical were joined and that union nourished everyone. Still today in traditional cultures, even in those communities where women appear disempowered, it is most often the women who ensure that the Spiritual and Soul life of their community is honoured, kept safe and vibrant. This role is a powerful commission. The Women's Hearth seeks to remind all women of this simple empowerment and to encourage that we tend the creative spark within and keep the fires of the heart and belly roaring!

As ‘Keepers of the Hearth', Anne-Marie and Penny tend the Sacred Fire through their work at The Women's Hearth, keeping it bright and strong for themselves and on behalf of all Women.

The Women's Hearth

Red Tent Circle

What women have said...

I really have enjoyed the peaceful space to sit and relax with other women. Listening to other women and realizing how similar we all are. The opportunity to think about things that I would not normally think or realize about myself.


I have enjoyed most the sharing, the loving, the friendships, dancing, and music. As well as learning about my body and my cycle I have learnt more about how I connect and engage with the world. This group has conveniently coincided with me becoming a better person and the group has helped me with my anxiety and fear.  I started with a lot of darkness in my eyes and now I have light.


I have loved awakening to the rhythm of my body; learning about the moon and its connection (my body) with the moon and the seasons; sacred time with women; rituals and ceremony.


The Diversity, camaraderie and compassion in this circle of women have just been so comforting, nurturing and revitalizing. The benefits to all areas of my life are immeasurable. The trust and openness that builds over time within a group of women cannot be over valued. I am deeply grateful for the experience.


I have loved the dancing – my body feels so much freer. I have also loved the stories and mythology.  I love the loving, safe haven that Anne-Marie and Penny create. It is very challenging for me to get there each month but I make it a priority to be there.  I am grateful for the Red Tent.


I can now say I am a Red Tent sister. I am only now at the age of 43 beginning to understand what it means to be a bleeding woman. The information provided by Anne-Marie and Penny is loving, harmonious, crafty, nurturing and insightful to a bleeding woman’s cycle. This very important information shared is the missing link from the ‘mechanical and cold’ information provided by society. To know that you are in a group being celebrated through mourning and joyfulness is such a safe and warm place to connect my body, mind, spirit and soul too. 

I highly recommend for any young bleeding woman to post menopausal woman to connect with Rent Tent to fully understand the power of your body and to feel the safety with other bleeding women. To my Red Tent Sisters…thank you for sharing the shedding of tears, the joy and happiness whilst telling your stories and feelings. Your open hearts have allowed my inner child’s body to grow from her first menarche to the mature woman you see today.

Anne-Marie and Penny, I thank you from my heart for providing such a warm reception monthly to allow women like me to connect and come together to share the internal dialogue within our bodies.

Sue D
Red Tent Circle, 2013

It is hard to put into words the profound benefits I have received from being a member of the Women's Hearth Community that Anne-Marie and Penny have created. It was a little scary at first to begin to really explore this part of myself but I am so glad I mustered up the courage. I am so in love with being a woman. I feel accepted, seen, appreciated and nurtured by my red tent sisters and our monthly red tent gatherings. This is the safest space I have ever experienced in which to explore what it means to be a woman. I have a greater appreciation for myself and my connection to Mother Earth and all of her glorious, divine cycles, including my own. I know myself better. I love myself more. I remain in the mystery and look forward to being a part of this community for some time to come.

Susan Broughton

I started the year still in the throws of grief, betrayal, without much hope for my career, home or love-life. Now I love where I live, have more faith than ever in my work which is deeply purposeful to me. I loved the deep rituals, the foot-washing, the holding hands, and of-course all the women.