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The Women’s Hearth community was born in 2011 when we began holding the Red Tent Circle ~ a safe, sacred, nurturing and creative space for women of all ages and life stages ~ in our hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

Around the same time, a world-wide Red Tent movement was growing and women all over the globe were gathering in Red Tents of one form or another ~ in their living rooms, community halls, at festivals, in parks, anywhere! We had intuitively tapped into something much bigger than ourselves, and our shared, long-held dreams of building supportive communities of women began to flourish.

At The Women’s Hearth, our mission is to inspire women to delve deeply into their own true feminine nature to discover who they really are as ‘woman’ and to nurture their experience of the Divine Feminine, the collective wisdom that resides within and connects us all. For us, tapping into the subtle and powerful energies of the Sacred Feminine is our greatest source of inspiration and creativity. We believe that our work with The Women’s Hearth is graced by Divine guidance. For these gifts, we are truly grateful and we want to share our blessings with you!

Anne-Marie Hoyne

My love of Nature has always been a strong and inspiring force in my life. Intuitively, I have always known that Nature provides everything we need to live abundant, healthy and beauty-filled lives. I'm committed to inspiring and empowering all women to reconnect with their own true, inherent nature. - Read more about Anne-Marie Hoyne.

Penny Champ

Since being a young woman I have had a passion for Spiritual Feminism and its myriad of wondrous interpretations. At the heart of how I live my life is my greatest wish that all women, no matter what age, culture or background find a way to embrace the Sacred Feminine in whatever individual form it presents itself... - Read more about Penny Champ.

We wish to acknowledge some of the people who have played significant roles in our lives so far...

Penny’s acknowledgements

My parents, Patricia and Peter, my Grandmothers, Lucy Alice and Florence, Claire Littleton, Karen Annesen, Glennie Kindred, Carolyn Hillyer, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Rev. Shiloh Sophia Macleod, Rev. Lisa Divine, Georgia Efford, Ariane Roemmele, Hannalore and Brian Streeter, Lusi Elliot, Amanda Chandler, Kathleen Gaffey and all at Redbridge Hollow, Fiona Macpherson, Suzie Zohar, Leo Nester, Max Dulumunmun Harrison, Rudolf Steiner and of course my beautiful daughter Avalon Magnolia, my lovely step-daughter Bella and my creative soulful husband Anthony Macleod.

Anne-Marie’s acknowledgements

My parents Pam and Terry Hoyne, my brothers Chris and Simon, my grandparents Pat and Isabel, Jean, Robert and Wally, my aunties Gail Sherbourne, Joan Cunningham, Jan Kuhlman, June Ross, Aunty Kathleen Hoyne and my Godmother Kathleen Heagney, uncles Alan and Ian, the large and extended Hoyne clan, Sister Carmel, Carol Young, Tiffany Evans, Sophia Hall, Belinda Wood, Wendy Dunne, Chris Brown, Suzi Quixley, Helen Lynes, Matthew Fox, John Seed, Joanna Macy, Dr Jean Houston, Steve Lumsdaine, Debbie Holt, Harvey Jackins, Patty Wipfler, Judyth and Terry Salom, Debbie Hay, Lumari McGuiness, Cilla Sherrif, Margaret Whittle, Rebecca Byrne, Gabrielle Roth, Alice Cummins, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Dr Patricia Morrigan, Brendan McKeague, Carol Astbury, Zenith Virago, Trudy Matthews, Claire Belton, Helen Ferrara, Helene Fisher, Sandra McNulty & Oshin. To my loving, generous and supportive husband of 25 years, Tim Dwyer, and our two beautiful and inspiring offspring, Madeleine and Ruben, I love you all so very much and am grateful every day to have you in my life!

One more thread...

As the saying goes ‘behind every great man there is a great woman” and in our case Ariane Roemmele is the great woman working behind the scenes of the Red Tent Circle and The Women’s Hearth.  Ariane, as well as being an artist, is the collector and gleaner of useful, symbolic, sacred and beautiful things.  She often provides our circles and retreats with creative resources as well as inspiring ideas and advice regarding process and practicalities.  Most recently, Ariane has become our Creative Director working with us on our Journey Books, logo and future projects. Thank you, Ariane, for all of your support, help and guidance! We deeply appreciate it!


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