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"Deep appreciation to Anne-Marie and Penny for bringing amazing beat woman Jane Elworthy to our shores once again to awaken our own rhythms to flow with the pulse we all already share. Very timely and personally profound. xxx" Glenis, Aug 2019

Listening to the Crone Retreat Day

The simple things are best. It charges the spirit and calms the nerves to have a sense of endless time to reflect in meditation or drawing, without pressure of everything else that floods our lives.

Penny and Anne-Marie gave ample time for every part of our day. Time to light the fire in the spirit of the sybils, the prophetesses, the oracles, while the bay leaves smoked us clean. Time to listen to a story, time to go with the inner world of a guided meditation. Surprising airwave meeting with my grandmother’s grandmother. I still can’t stop thinking about her. As a result I’ve been reading my mother’s autobiography and checking out family members’ lives recorded by my sister. A different doorway was opened unexpectedly, which the time spent in drawing in the garden opened further.

In the velvet of this day, women became themselves and were nourished by that. Good to get old. Glad to have an abundant garden for all. Thank you everyone.

Georgia Efford, Gooseberry Hill

Age 78

I found this weekend to be so much more ritualistic and nurturing than I could ever have imagined. I feel so rejuvenated and healed from the creativity, story listening, ceremony, dance and from just being around such inspiring, beautiful, “real” women. Thank-you.


The theme for the Winter Retreat this year was 'rest' and I felt that was captured perfectly. We were invited to participate in ceremony, self-care, group work, singing, craft and being immersed in the natural environment. I loved that there was time for naps, journaling, walks and solitude. I left the retreat feeling refreshed and refocused. Thank you so much Penny and Anne-Marie.


The retreat was just what I needed. I never knew how much anxiety and worry I was holding in my body. Thank you team angels for helping me release and let go of the unnecessary pressures that were not serving me. Whether is was sitting in circle, speaking from the heart, weaving, singing, walking or eating with the other wonderful women participants....the program allowed me to be me and just be with the moment.

Participant, Winter Retreat 2013

Walking the Sacred Way Pilgrimage 2016

Like many women of our time, I am a mother of two, working a few jobs, nurturing a creative life, maintaining relationships, homes, social media and much more; time is at a premium. There is only so much multi-tasking a girl can do before even the simplest and pleasant of actions like meditating, emails to friends or cooking dinner become another chore to knock off the to-do list.

But I am lucky enough to have found a salve, a cure that melted away stress, stretched time and catapulted me to a new sublime plane of experiencing life – Walking the Sacred Way. The pilgrimage took us to three places; Wallingford in Oxfordshire, Dartmoor in Devon and Glastonbury in Avon. All are connected by the strong and longest ley line of St Michael, all three steeped with ancient history, sacred significance and linking us to womankind throughout the ages and deeply to the fecund and idyllic English land. Gently we were held as we let our recent lives and selves disappear, weaning us with relief from social media and technological attachments and dissolving the concept of time into long summer days. The weight of daily chores was carried aloft by the willing and skilled hands of our group of women, leaving us each free to be caressed in the sight, smells, sounds, tastes and touches of nature and freedom.

In childlike curiosity we literally frolicked through meadows, smelt the flowers, scanned the hedgerows and horizons for badger, deer, kites, butterflies. Our connection with the land and revelations were further deepened by the extraordinary workshop offered by Carolyn Hillyer. In the valleys and hills of beautiful Dartmoor Carolyn led us through sacred rituals with her unique wisdom and were immersed in the stories of bear, deer, owl, horse and the mysterious echoes of White Horse Woman who we honoured along with all our ancestors. We visited ancient burial mounds and cists, we bathed in crystal clear waters of a brook, we hiked across open moor, we lit fires, banged drums, chanted in ancient tongues, watched mists rolling in and upon us at Avalon, we lapped up healing holy waters fresh from the springs of Mother Earth, sang to trees, and ate food made with love and imbued with fond memories.

Most of all I connected with three incredible, stunningly beautiful souls who I am honoured to call my ‘Medicine Sisters’. For now, a simple glance, a word of text or heartfelt hug will forever take me back to the magic of our journey and fill me up again, reminding me that I can stretch and befriend time, find the sacred in daily life and stop and smell the flowers each and every day. This retreat took place over twelve days but will indeed last a life time.

Karen Peradon

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