These resources are ones The Women's Hearth feels are supportive to the enhancement of the feminine in our world. Please visit their websites for more information.


Coessence - Nature's Way to Healing, Empowerment & Transformation

Coessence is the 'very essence of life' that connects us with everything in Nature. Nature provides everything we need and WE ARE NATURE. When we reclaim and nurture our inherent Human Nature, we open ourselves to unlimited healing, empowerment and transformation. Life becomes an adventure of self-discovery and co-creation. Join me on the journey.

Contact: Anne-Marie Hoyne  Tel: (08) 9284 0616 Mob: 0408 744 572

Beyond The Threshold (BTT)

Vision fasts and intentional day walks

Beyond The Threshold (BTT) is a community of women and men that offers guided nature-based programs. BTT’s intention is to deepen our relationship with nature through practices that are empowering, life-affirming and sustainable.

Contact:  0433 264 717


Handmade West Australian Jarrah Jewellery

Jewellery made from left over West Australian Jarrah.
Gilded with leaf gold.
Sealed with shellac.
Handmade in WA.

Contact: e:
Please contact Claudia for any further information or requests.  

Pip Brennan

Writing, Creativity, Social Change

The Feminine Way to set Goals with Soul.
Pip Brennan has been a Desire Mapper for three years now. It's a process developed by Danielle La Porte, where you turn goal setting on its head. You identify how you most want to feel - your Core Desired Feelings - and then use them as your True North for everyday life and setting the big, hairy, audacious goals.

Contact: Pip Brennan  0406 290 923

Reiki Hope Healing

Relaxing, rejuvenating healing hands

Reiki healing is an ancient Japanese form of hands on and off healing. It works by rebalancing and
harmonising the body’s energy flow. The Reiki practitioner channels the Reiki energy into the client’s
body. This is a non-invasive, gentle and deeply relaxing form of massage which Julie can offer at your
home or in her own massage room in Baldivis. Julie has practiced Reiki for 15 years in England, Hong
Kong and Australia. She specialises in clients who suffer from stress and anxiety and will also work
with a range of issues. Julie also treats children who (mostly!) not only sit still but also enjoy the
Sessions last 1 hour and cost $80

Contact: Visit Julie’s Facebookpage:

Scarlet Eve

Cloth Menstrual Pads, Menstrual Cups & More

Scarlet Eve was officially founded in 2009 by Jo Watson. She has designed her very own style of cloth menstrual pads which she used to sew herself and which are now mostly sewn in Perth by a another local woman. Jo still loves sewing and does so at every opportunity, making limited edition and specialty pads. Jo also has a great blog and other products on her website and we LOVE her work! Thanks, Jo!

Contact: Jo Watson  

Uplift Design

Providimg high-quality website design for the sacred arts

Uplift Design has designed over 250 custom built enterprise-class websites for friendly, creative, intelligent, talented, and motivated individuals out to make a difference to life and consciousness on the planet.

Contact: Vibodha at Uplift Design Pty Ltd  (08) 9848 3058