Please enjoy these verses written by Penny Champ and brought to you exclusively from The Women’s Hearth.

They are intended as a Self Blessing.  When words are read aloud to oneself slowly and consciously they have the power to bring self-healing and growth.  

If one of these verses in particular appeals to you or ‘speaks’ to you in some way you may wish to use as part of an ongoing Self Care or Spiritual practice.

The Women’s Hearth wishes you a healing, joyous journey as you nourish the flame that burns within you – the flame of the Sacred Feminine. 

Embracing the Circle

I am held within a heavenly circle. My body turns with each moon. In each moon month I transform; New birth of Spring...

Read: Embracing the Circle.

Woman Weaves the Sacred

I live each day as a prayer.

Experiencing the sacred day to day.

I honour all things.

Read: Woman Weaves the Sacred.

Half Moon Harvest

I see myself sitting under a half Moon, Forever in the balance of things,
Sitting strong.

Read: Half Moon Harvest.

My Girl-Child

Today I care for my girl-child...
The Maiden within that still holds the Spring...

Read: My Girl-Child.


Throughout your life may you feel the ripeness of your Womanhood

May your river of inspiration always flow and quicken

deep and crystal clear

Read: Ripe.

Baking Bread (For Lucy Alice)

My hands strengthen every time I mould my own loaf...
Stronger to give...
Stronger to receive...

Read: Baking Bread (For Lucy Alice).

Article written by: The Women's Hearth