Half Moon Harvest

Half Moon Harvest

I see myself sitting under a half Moon,

Forever in the balance of things,



Sitting strong.

I sit among a circle of Women,

Weaving baskets.

Each unique.

As unique as the Souls we are weaving within.

Our hands are deft and sure.

We gladly teach and help each other.

We share laughter and tears,

Memories and footsteps.

We share shell, feather, grasses, wool and bead.

Beside me sits a young woman,


Yearning and


Opposite, a Mother,

Filled with creative stirrings,

Overflowing with nourishment.

To my left, a Wise Elder,

Deeply understanding,

All seeing.

Together we sit under a half Moon, 

Forever in the balance of things.

This counsel, this circle,

Lives in me.

As a blaze of light upon my heart.

Article written by: Penny Champ