Anne-Marie Hoyne

I was born in Perth, Western Australia and I've always considered myself incredibly blessed to live on the western edge of this ancient land embraced by the Indian Ocean. My love of Nature has always been a strong and inspiring force in my life... as a questing teenager I used to sit on the beach at night, gazing at the moonlight on the ocean, to calm my mind, ease my heart and connect with my Higher Self. Intuitively, I have always known that Nature provides everything we need to live abundant, healthy and beauty-filled lives. 

I was raised as part of a large, extended Irish Catholic family and I loved the sense of connection, community and spirituality that shaped my experience of childhood. Music, singing and dancing were also a feature of my growing up, with grandparents who played in a band, and parents who encouraged my love of all things creatively expressive. I'm an insatiable learner and I've always been fascinated by what makes us 'human'. Intuitively following this interest during my life has led me into all sorts of groups, courses, trainings, practices, initiations, ceremonies and other life-affirming experiences!

I believe I am a living example of the power of body-wisdom. Living as we do in the modern world we all need to consciously reconnect with our body, which is Earth. Through conscious reconnection with our bodies and the Earth we can heal, become and create everything we need to save the planet and allow humanity to thrive. The time is now. And I am committed to practicing this wisdom in any way I can.

My passion for working with women began in my early twenties at university when I was introduced to Feminism as a youth work student. Now, thirty years later, I love my work with The Women's Hearth... travelling alongside other women through life's ups and downs, we raise each other up, hold, support and encourage each other; through leadership and by example, we teach our sons and daughters a new way of being in the world, a Sacred Feminist way of being that honours the Earth and all Her lifeforms as sacred, deserving of equal respect and love. I love that we actively celebrate the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, and aspire to bring them back to their rightful place in the world, in right relationship within each individual and within the planetary community of humanity.

I am deeply grateful for my beautiful family - my husband Tim and children, Madeleine and Ruben - they each continue to be a wellspring of love, inspiration and learning in my life. 

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