Penny Champ

Since being a young woman I have had a passion for Spiritual Feminism and its myriad of wondrous interpretations. At the heart of how I live my life is my greatest wish that all women, no matter what age, culture or background find a way to embrace the Sacred Feminine in whatever individual form it presents itself. I believe it is this unique inward weaving of the Spiritual Feminine that has the potential to create immense power and beauty and that it is these qualities that are  exactly what our precious Earth is in great need of right now - individuals who are able to lead by peaceful, fluid, open inclusive, soulful, wise and loving example.  These qualities are real power, not the illusionary power that our world sadly seems to aspire to.  Journeying with Spiritual Feminism lead me to Glastonbury - known to those that see it and feel it as The Isle of Avalon - and thus I have spent much time over the last 30 years connecting to it's powerful landscape and many diverse myths.  The Isle of Avalon has shaped my life and work on many levels and thus I am happy to identify myself as an 'Avalonian'.  It is from this rich and magical background that I bring the Hearth story, poem, ceremony and ritual.

After studying Anthropology at university I had the honour of working with Irish Gypsy Women for many years in Oxford and experienced the quiet and gentle yet powerful influence Women had in their communities through their Spiritual beliefs and creativity even though on the surface they appeared to be oppressed.  Working with West Indian Women, Homeless Women, Single Mothers and in more recent years Australian Indigenous Elder Women in the Pilbara and the Gascoyne deepened my belief that Women have a power within them, whatever their circumstance, to shine, strive, and change the world.  Women who intentionally tend the Hearth, whether the Hearth is a physical reality or the heart and soul within, are Women who wield incredible yet peaceful forces of power.

I am absolutely in love with the work we do at The Women's Hearth and in the Red Tent Circle.  To do this work with my gorgeous co-creator Anne-Marie Hoyne is a blessing that cannot really be expressed in words!  I feel blessed to my core to be able to bring storytelling, craft, song, ceremony and ritual to Women and to have time with circles of Women so regularly. I never tire of seeing the radiant shining faces of Women around a circle. I never tire of seeing them dance, move, laugh, and rest, and am forever in awe of their capacity to love and support one another with such grace and care.

My most fevered intention in life is to live an intensely creative life.  As the years pass I feel this yearning grows wilder and has more strength behind it.  Whether that creativity is expressed with the hands, the voice, words, the body or in deep communion with our beautiful living abundant Mother Earth, I say bring it on - bring it on!  This is where our power lies as Women.

I give thanks for my abundant life, for the privilege of living upon the beautiful Earth of Western Australia so close to the ocean, for my kind, creative and passionate husband Anthony, my delightful, funny and inspiring daughter Avalon and for all the Women in the communities in which I have the pleasure of living who gift unending support, love and teachings.

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